Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions that we get asked at Leather Care & Repair. Please feel free to email us if you do not find an answer to any questions you may have.

How long will a repair take?

It really depends on what is required. Normally most repairs take between 2-3 hours but restoration can take up to a week for larger jobs.

How long will a repair last?

The products we use are tried and tested and the best on the market. Repairs will wear in the same way as the rest of the item once repaired.

Can you work outside when its raining?

Yes, normally we can put up a temporary shelter that allows us to work outside. We do need a bit more space though on these occasions.

Can you repair door panels or dashboards?

Yes, we can repair both vinyl and plastic on door panels, dashboards, centre consoles, trims, steering wheels and more.

Can you change the colour of my leather?

No, we can but it's a bad idea. If you re-colour leather it will look fine but only for a while. As it starts to wear or you scratch it the original colour will start to show through making it look tatty, so we don't do this.

Can you re-trim my leather?

No, sorry no we are not upholsterers, we just restore leather. If you would like new leather you will need to contact an upholsterer.

Can you repair holes in leather?

Yes. click here for more information.

Can you restore old car seats?

Yes. click here for more information.

Can I send you a leather jacket for repair?

Sorry no we no longer undertake repairs on leather Jackets.

Can you remove cat scratches?

Yes. click here for more information.

Do you repair leather on boats?

Yes, we can repair both leather & vinyl on boats. We can visit any Marina within our area to undertake work.

Do you have any job vacancies?

Sorry no, not at this time.

Do you repair Aniline Leather?

Yes, but normally just small repairs as it's quite difficult to deal with.

Do you sell repair kits?

No, it's a bit like giving someone a scalpel and a needle and tread and asking them to a heart bypass. We don't believe in them and for this reason we don't sell them.

Can you visit me at work?

Yes, but we do need power and a safe place to work out of everyones way.

Can you provide a writtern insurance quote?

Yes, although we would have to charge a call out fee for an inspection if we were not doing any work.

What is the best way to protect leather?

We have a variety of products to protect both leather and vinyl. The best way to find a product is to visit our products help page in our shop and choose the type of leather you would like to protect and then view all the products available.

Can I get a free quote?

Yes, simply get in touch with photos of the item and your location and we can provide a quote this way.


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