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Complete Leather Care Kit - Clean & Condition

The Complete Leather Care Kit has everything you need to clean, condition & protect leather. This kit uses two steps, first cleaning & then conditioning it to obtain the best results. The kit includes Cleaner, Care / Protect & all the tools you need including a cleaning brush, soft cloth and instructions on how to clean using the products provided.

The Cleaner is suitable for cleaning furniture, car seats, jacket cleaning and more. This product gently removes dirt and grease without harm, helping to preserve, strengthen and bring it up like new. This product will remove the toughest of grime without leaving a soapy residue allowing you wash your products safely without any deterioration to the appearance.

The Conditioner & Protector is one of the best care products to increase the life of your products. Suitable as a car conditioner, for jacket care, furniture care & more. Leather protection helps you condition, strengthening & preserve the beauty and flexibility of old and new leather.

As well as the cleaner & conditioner the kit includes all the tools you need to bring your products up like new and full instructions to show you how.

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Suitable for:

● Protected Leather

Kit Includes:

● 500ml Cleaner
● 250ml Conditioner
● Soft Cleaning Brush
● Drying Cloth
● Conditioner Cloth
● Pro Instructions

Complete Care Kit


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