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Semi-Aniline Leather Cleaner & Conditioner

Conditioner & Protector is the best care product to increase the life of your leather but also has many other advantages. Suitable for sofas, jackets, bags & more. This product helps to prevent Aniline leather from drying out and fading. This conditioner can also be used to reverse faded Aniline. Applying this conditioner will bring back the colour and darken faded areas. Can also be used to blend faded areas with dark or stain areas to produce a more even look. Conditioner helps by conditioning, strengthening & preserving the beauty and flexibility of old and new leather and has a real leather aroma.

Waterproofing agents & stain repellents make this a great care conditioner whilst leaving a non greasy finish. We recommend using just this on aniline leather to both clean and maintain it..

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semi-aniline Cleaner & Conditioner
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Suitable for:

● Aniline Leather
● Semi-Aniline Leather


● Cleans
● Protects
● Preserves
● Stops Fading
● Reverses Fading
● Leather Aroma
● Easy To Use

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